Messages from this site were displayed on paper strips at Tanabata in Sendai, where locals could add their own messages to those from around the world. Together, these messages were hung on bamboo trees in celebration of Tanabata.


"Evening of the Seventh" Japanese Star Festival

Tanabata, the star festival, means "Evening of the Seventh." According to legend, the Milky Way separates two deities who are only allowed to meet on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. People often celebrate Tanabata by writing wishes on tanzaku (or small strips of paper) and hanging them on bamboo branches. Sendai, in Northeast Japan, is home to one of the most famouse Tanabata celebrations in the country. Although the festival is usually held in July seventh in majority of regions. Sendai traditionally celebrates it in August by referring the lunar calender. This year, Google placed messages of support for Japan generated through this website on branches at the festival in Sendai.

A message screen allowed people in the area to send messages back out to the world. Here you can see photos of people gathering for Tanabata in Sendai -- reading, creating, and hanging messages in the area surrounding the disaster earlier this year.

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Good luck to Japanese people.


Please blossom once again!



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